Father Sebastiaan with the crew of the Airship Isabella at the Tampa Vampire Ball 2014.  

Father Sebastiaan with the crew of the Airship Isabella at the Tampa Vampire Ball 2014.  

Father Sebastiaan is perhaps the central personality of the modern in the Vampyre / vampire subculture.  Joining the community in 1992 he is considered to be one of the most influential figures on modern Vampyrism and vampirism with his contributions in the areas of philosophy, spirituality, fangsmithing and nightlife. He is also an avid lover of vampire mythology, steampunk, wolves, history, 19th century art, French culture, ancient Egypt, NLP, psychology and philosophy.

Fangsmith - Sabretooth Custom Fangs 

Sebastiaan is grandson of an orthodontist and nephew of a dentist, Sebastiaan got his first pair of fangs in November 1993 and in 1994 picked up his late Grandfather’s dental tools and began his fangsmithing career; with his first customer being his mother.  Since then he has traveled the world hand crafting making custom fangs and has become the world’s most famous fangsmith.  His personal clients are known as Sabretooths or the Sabretooth Clan, which is currently the most advice and largest vampire / Vampyre Family in the world.   

Impresario - Endless Night Vampire Ball

Since the mid 1990s Father Sebastiaan began working for legendary New York nightlife personalities Peter Gatien ( of Limelight fame) and Chi Chi Valenti of MOTHER / Jackie 60 to produce vampyre parties for his fang clients.  This accumulated into the birth of Endless Night Vampire Ball, detailed as a “Venetian Masque Ball, meets a Vampire Court, with the energy of a rock concert and the elegance of a burlesque cabaret.”  Since these origins Endless Night was listed in 2010 as the #1 Halloween party in the world by and events being held in New York City, Paris, London, Amsterdam and all leading to the main event every Halloween in New Orleans at the House of Blues.   


A lover of communications Father started as editor of the Vampyre Almanac, a semi annual journal about his own vision of real life Vampyre culture.  Since this time he has since go on to be published and write several influential books on the subject including Sanguinomicon “Lexicon of the Living Vampire” (Weiser Sept 2010), The Sabretooth Clan Book ( Press Oct 2010), Vampyre Virtues “The Red Veils” ( Press 2010) and Vampyre Magick “Grimoire of the Living Vampire” (Weiser March 2012).  He currently has several books in the works and for more information about his writings visit his books page.

You can also find Father Sebastiaan's blog on the Huffington Post


Sebastiaan has appeared on numerous television programs including WPIX, A&E, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, USA Up All Night and MTV Oddville.  He was also featured as a central character in the French documentary and book Vampyres Reality is Stranger than Fiction by Laurent Courau of He has been interviewed and written about in Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, The Financial Times, InStyle Magazine, Glamour, Tattoo Savage, Bloomberg News, The New York Post, Skin Two and Time Out New York.