Notable Fang Clients of Father Sebastiaan

Every designer, hair stylist, dentist, cosmetic surgeon, dance teacher, car company, etc. who creates for celebrities has a specific vibe.  Some friends the other night were joking around with me about being "The Fangsmith to the Stars."  So this inspired me to put this blog post together.  Not everyone here is an all out celeb, however this list is of notable people I have fanged and a little history behind them.   There are a few pics and vids I am still looking for some pics for including Viona of Viona Art.  I just put this list short list together this morning...

Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures TV - May 2013 - Met him in Paris on the set of a TV project.

Ashley Greene "Alice" from Twilight - 2010 - actually she told me "I signed up for this vampire movie because I wanted fangs, and then in my contract I couldn't wear any." Special thanks to Chad Savage and Alex Savage arranging this.

Fernando from the Band Moonspell - November 2012 - Made Mike the drummer fangs in 2008 at the Halloween Adventure Shop in NYC.  Then in 2012 after returning to Paris from New Orleans they were touring and asked me to fang.

Artist Victoria Frances - October 2011 - She loved my work and came to Paris in October 2011 to get fangs.  She is a lovely and very fun person.

Mark Benecke - September 2012 - Mark is a world renowned forensic psychologist and speaks all over the world.

German Alternative Model Ophelia Overdose - Made her fangs at WGT 2011


Ashley Greene of Twilight


Sonya Scarlet from the band Theatre des Vampires - November 2012 Paris

Ashley Greene of Twilight gets her Fangs

Ashley Greene of Twilight gets her Fangs