Father Sebastiaan

Fangsmith, Impressario, Author

Personal homepage of Father Sebastiaan


The "Legacy" is the collective of businesses, organizations and projects which are owned by Father Sebastiaan Productions.  The currently active projects we are working on:

Endless Night Vampire Ball - the official "New Orleans Vampire Ball" on Halloween weekend in New Orleans at the House of Blues.  We host various "regional" events on the countdown including the Tampa Vampire Ball, New York Vampire Ball, LA Vampire Salon at Bar Sinister, Dallas Vampire Ball and Paris, France.


Sabretooth Clan - the official Family of Father Sebastiaan's personal fang clients and founded on August 7th 1995 in New York City.  For over 20 years has evolved into an international culture, traditions and mythology.

Vampire World - a forthcoming docu-adventure series exploring "the truth behind the myth" including investigations of vampire legends, travel, vampire adventures and re-inactments of historical events.