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Television / Film

Galileo (German TV, 2011)
Tracks (ArtE France, 2011)
Vampyres (Avalanche Productions, 2007) documentary based on the book Vampyres: When Reality Goes Beyond Fiction by Laurent Courau
Vampire Secrets (History Channel, 2006)
The Secret Life of Vampires (A&E, 2005)


Coast to Coast AM with Ed Nory (March 30 2012) Vampyre Culture & Open Lines with Father Sebastiaa
Just Energy Radio (November 2nd 2012) Living the Vampire Life
Hex Radio (May 5th 2011) Life of a Vampyre with Father Sebastiaan

Blogs / Online Media

CNBC  (Tuesday Oct. 12 2012) HSSSS! Where All the Wall Street Vampires Get Their Fangs
CNBC (Thursday, Oct. 18 2012) Seasonal Odd Jobs for Vampires (Sept. 2012) Interview with the Vampyre: GetFanged Interviews Author, Impresario, and Fangsmith Father Sebastiaan
New York Post (October 2011) Interview with a Vampyre (Monday, August 1st 2011) Interview with the Vampyre
Machinima (New York Comicon, October 2011) NYC Comicon 2011 report. 
Betty Confidential (October 2011) Interview with the Vampyre: Betty Meets Father Sebastiaan of the Sabretooth Clan.
Bloomberg News (Oct. 29th, 2010) Fangsmith Sharpens Fangs for his Party Loving Vampires.
Vampire Film Festival Interview (Oct. 2010) Living Vampirism with Father Sebastiaan (French) “Interview with the Vampyre”

Print Media

New York Post (October 2011) Interview with a Vampyre
Glamour Magazine (Glamour Magazine, October 1998) A Smile to Die For
International Harald Tribune May 1998 : Mysteries of Paris Tours
Windows 97 (Surface Magazine, Winter 1997)
TimeOut NY (October 1997) People to Watchin: Sabretooth

Books involved with

Vampyres: Reality is Stranger than Fiction (Flammion 2006)  Laurent Courau
Piercing the Darkness ; Undercover with Vampires in America Today (1998 Harper Collins) Katherine Ramsland




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