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Father Sebastiaan’s Blog : Long Black Veil, The Original NYC Vampire Haven

Here is an article I am reposting from Sabretooth Elder Victor Magnus from a few years back. Some Sanguinarium / Sabretooth Clan History.

The remarkable Long Black Veil or “LBV” events truly hold a unique place in the history of New York City’s nightlife. LBV began in 1997 as “Long Black Veil & The Vampyre Lounge” on the second Wednesday of each month at the legendary MOTHER nightclub on 14th and Washington Streets in New York City’s meat-packing district. Chi Chi Valenti, also known as ’The Empress’, one of the owners of MOTHER, and her life mate, the famous DJ Johnny Dynell, conceived and named the event after hearing the mournful song “Long Black Veil.”

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Father Sebastiaan’s Blog: What is the Current?

The Current refers to the group spirit and vibe of the Sanguinarium, Endless Night Vampire Ball events and Sabretooths (Father Sebastiaan’s personal fang clients) which can also be seen as a living entity that is the result of the Family’s agreement, rituals, actions, traditions, philosophy and culture. Often the Current is referred to as the “Blood” of the Family. The Current is not physical; it is made up of subtle energies such as thoughts, emotions, ideas, concepts and links. 

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Father Sebastiaan’s Blog: What is the first rule of Project Crimson?

What is the first rule of Project Crimson?  😉


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Review: Dracula Untold

Last week I had the pleasure of joining with over 20 members of the Sabretooth Clan in attending a secret sneak preview screening of the new film “Dracula Untold” in New York City.

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Entering A New World

Greetings friends,

I am very excited to announce a new, collaborative project between my fellow Sabretooths and many interesting characters in a culmination of all of my adventures throughout the months leading up to the premier Vampire event in the world, Endless Night in New Orleans. Soon, you will be able to join us on the road exploring vampire culture, going back to the roots of the Sabretooth Clan, and of course making fangs. Stay tuned to, my Facebook and Twitter for never before seen glimpses into my unique world.

Project Crimson is alive…

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Father Sebastiaan's Fangshop NYC

Fangshop NYC – Halloween 2014

GREAT news!  I will fangsmithing again this October 1-28 2014 at the New York FangShop NYC inside the Halloween Adventure Shop.  For all the info on Fangs by Father Sebastiaan please click here!   Please book soon as I am getting a larger than expected response for 2014 with my automated booking system to guarantee your appointment.

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The new

With great pleasure I am happy to announce the new with a special thank you to Invictus Design for all the amazing effort and time invested in making this just right.

Also a special shout out to Comtesse Léa for the great photo session.

This is my favourite edition of FS dotcom yet and I wanted to thank them for their amazing work and dedication to the project.  Check out the sweet new Fang pages, they are my personal favourite.

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Victoria Frances gets her fangs

Legendary artist Victoria Frances came to Paris in September and personally requested me to make her first pair of custom made fangs, which was of course an honor… Visit her Facebook Fan Page or her website at;

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Endless Night: Prague Vampire Salon 2012


Endless Night Productions is proud to present our first ever event in the magickal city of Prague,
at a fabulous church in the middle of the city known as St. Michal’s Palace.

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Fang Appointments for Endless Night NOLA 2014

Hello everyone, it is that time again, I am booking a limited number of fang appointments for New Orleans at the Endless Night Festival 2014.   I am booking up quickly and can only take 25 clients and when I am booked it is over.

So if you are serious about auditioning for the Sabretooth Clan and entering the Sanguinarium this is your opportunity but you need to ask…

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