custom fangs

The new

With great pleasure I am happy to announce the new with a special thank you to Invictus Design for all the amazing effort and time invested in making this just right.

Also a special shout out to Comtesse Léa for the great photo session.

This is my favourite edition of FS dotcom yet and I wanted to thank them for their amazing work and dedication to the project.  Check out the sweet new Fang pages, they are my personal favourite.

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Victoria Frances gets her fangs

Legendary artist Victoria Frances came to Paris in September and personally requested me to make her first pair of custom made fangs, which was of course an honor… Visit her Facebook Fan Page or her website at;

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Endless Night: Prague Vampire Salon 2012


Endless Night Productions is proud to present our first ever event in the magickal city of Prague,
at a fabulous church in the middle of the city known as St. Michal’s Palace.

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Fang Appointments for Endless Night NOLA 2014

Hello everyone, it is that time again, I am booking a limited number of fang appointments for New Orleans at the Endless Night Festival 2014.   I am booking up quickly and can only take 25 clients and when I am booked it is over.

So if you are serious about auditioning for the Sabretooth Clan and entering the Sanguinarium this is your opportunity but you need to ask…

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FATHER SEBASTIAAN a MILANO! 16 e 17 maggio 2014

 Please note this event is SOLD OUT… tickets are now by invite only…
However I am still making fangs Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th in the afternoon.

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Anne Rice’s new book “Prince Lestat” is now on Amazon! Will this lead to a TV show?

As many of you have heard since last week across the BlogOSphere that our beloved Anne Rice has returned to be our Queen of the Damned once more by announcing she is returning to write not just one but TWO new Vampire Chronicles books.  The best part is today she announced you can get the new book “Prince Lestat” on

Now that Twilight is over (thank the gods) and True Blood is winding down to its last season it is time for Anne to take her rightful crown as Queen of the Damned and bring us stories once again.  There has been a time of changes and this comeback I am confident is going to end in a TV show like Game of Thrones or possibly on Netflix where they can do the Vampire Chronicles properly.  Yes with proper actors who represent our beloved Anne Rice Vampires properly.  Imagine a tall blonde, young Lestat or a 16 year old Armand?  Imagine a series of Vampire Chronicles with 10 episodes of season I called “Interview”, season 2 called “Lestat” and season 3 called “Queen”, maybe even a 4th season called “Prince”?

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Wedding Services by Father Sebastiaan


Over the years as founding Father of the Sanguinarium and Sabretooth Clan many of my Family members have asked me to officiate their weddings, handfastings and renewals of vows.   So far I have presided around a dozen ceremonies so far for Sabretooths (my personal fang clients) and members of the Sanguinarium, and now I am offering this service to those outside my Family.

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Fangclient of the Day – on FangBang Rd. China

First Sabretooth Clan pick of 2014!!! …. with Jason and yes it is REAL… this was about 12 minutes ago!

Jason on FangBang Rd.

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Endless Night Top 250 Vampyre Songs of All Time

Greetings EN fans worldwide!

Over the years we have asked “what is vampyre music?” and the answer generally is “Hell I don’t know”, so over the last few months DJ Father Coven of, Lady A of the, Chad Savage of Sinister Visions, and our house DJS for NYC and NOLA DJs Aengel, V Christ put together this list to help kick start defining vampyre music. THIS IS NOT MUSIC, JUST A PLAYLIST…. for all Vampyre events worldwide.

DOWNLOAD FROM THIS LINKEndless Night Top 250 Vampyre Songs of All Time

Father Sebastiaan

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