Endless Night: Prague Vampire Salon 2012


Endless Night Productions is proud to present our first ever event in the magickal city of Prague,
at a fabulous church in the middle of the city known as St. Michal’s Palace.

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Yes the date is set, fixed and get ready… the FangVan Kickstarter starts June 21st, 2013.

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Fang Appointments for Endless Night NOLA 2014

Hello everyone, it is that time again, I am booking a limited number of fang appointments for New Orleans at the Endless Night Festival 2014.   I am booking up quickly and can only take 25 clients and when I am booked it is over.

So if you are serious about auditioning for the Sabretooth Clan and entering the Sanguinarium this is your opportunity but you need to ask…

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FATHER SEBASTIAAN a MILANO! 16 e 17 maggio 2014

 Please note this event is SOLD OUT… tickets are now by invite only…
However I am still making fangs Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th in the afternoon.

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Sabretooth Clan Lexicon 2014

Sabretooth Clan Lexicon

Here is an exert of the Revised Sabretooth Clan Book V2 (releasing late 2014) of the official Sabretooth Family Lexicon.  This information is for members of the Sabretooth Clan and who have gone through the Rite of Transformation with Father Sebastiaan.

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Father Sebastiaan explores the Legacy of the Endless Nights

You know what gives me the greatest pleasure of being Impresario of Endless Nights? YOU the “Nighters”, the people who support and attend the events, make all the effort to come out and become someone new and awaken! You Nighters be in Berlin, Paris, New York, Prague or New Orleans share the same spirit, soul and love for what Endless Nights has become. An international experience! Yet many of you have not met in person you carry the spirit of EN “AKA Fred Samedi” in your hearts. You see each others pictures on Facebook and exchange energy and ideas. The excitement builds. But you Nighters do not compete in some fashion contest, you are each others muses, you inspire each other. Now that is power and it is just getting even more interesting! Let go!

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Dani Divine Reads from Vampyre Virtues “The Red Veils” with her new Sabre Fangs by Father Sebastiaan

Dani Divine reads her favorite Vampyre Virtue from Father Sebastiaan’s book Vampyre Virtues “The Red Veils” sporting her new Sabre Fangs just hand crafted at Haunted Tattoos in London…

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If it is not here it is not official

Greetings everyone,

Recently many promoters and organizations have been claiming appearances that are not official or yet confirmed.  So it is VERY important for you to note if I dont have an appearance listed on my official calendar at //calendar or on my Facebook page at they are NOT official.  Please only use these two resources as official resources of information.

Regarding Endless Night Vampire Ball events, they are listed on my calendar and on the Endless Night Vampire Ball website at

Eternally,Father Sebastiaan

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Some words about Vampyres…

What confuses me is so many people see vampirism as a victim like form of disease or depression. FUCK THAT “I AM a Vampyre” living life to the fullest, with great challenges and amazing adventure. I embrace life, love life, appreciate the best and learn from the worst. Whoever told you “vampirism” is something else… just ignore them and focus on personal evolution and empowerment.

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