If it is not here it is not official

Greetings everyone,

Recently many promoters and organizations have been claiming appearances that are not official or yet confirmed.  So it is VERY important for you to note if I dont have an appearance listed on my official calendar at or on my Facebook page at they are NOT official.  Please only use these two resources as official resources of information.

Regarding Endless Night Vampire Ball events, they are listed on my calendar and on the Endless Night Vampire Ball website at

Eternally,Father Sebastiaan

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Some words about Vampyres…

What confuses me is so many people see vampirism as a victim like form of disease or depression. FUCK THAT “I AM a Vampyre” living life to the fullest, with great challenges and amazing adventure. I embrace life, love life, appreciate the best and learn from the worst. Whoever told you “vampirism” is something else… just ignore them and focus on personal evolution and empowerment.

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Endless Night Top 250 Vampyre Songs of All Time

Greetings EN fans worldwide!

Over the years we have asked “what is vampyre music?” and the answer generally is “Hell I don’t know”, so over the last few months DJ Father Coven of, Lady A of the, Chad Savage of Sinister Visions, and our house DJS for NYC and NOLA DJs Aengel, V Christ put together this list to help kick start defining vampyre music. THIS IS NOT MUSIC, JUST A PLAYLIST…. for all Vampyre events worldwide.

DOWNLOAD FROM THIS LINKEndless Night Top 250 Vampyre Songs of All Time

Father Sebastiaan

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Memories of the Red Mass – a celebration forthcoming…

My group Cirque du Vampyre from the New York Vampire Ball in February 2013…

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Cover of Vampyre Mysteries “The Purple Veils”

You can order it in Softcover…
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Or Hardcover…
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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Club AntiChrist – Night of the Vampires III & London Fang Appointments


Model; La Esmeralda photo by Fairy Tales Photography

Greeting all, it is that time again for the London Vampire Weekend….  Last year I couldnt make it due to an accident so this year I am ready to rock!

I will be taking fang appointments and performing the RED MASS with members of the Sanguinarium on Friday August 30th at the Club Anti-Christ Night of the Vampires III in London.  Email or Facebook message me for appointments at AC…


In the afternoon I will be making fangs by appointment from noon to 6pm at Haunted Tattoos @ 159 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LX, United Kingdom… call :+44 20 7609 6276 to make an appointment at Haunted… space is limited.

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Father Sebastiaan’s European Tour 2013 – June 21,22,23 HELLFEST

For my third year in a row I am going to be fanging at…. come down and visit our table…555170_10151230739267536_345907915_n

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Father Sebastiaan on Coast to Coast AM

200px-Coast_to_coast_am_logoIt is with great pleasure I am going to be a guest for the second time on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Thursday morning June 13th / Wednesday evening June 12th 2013 from 2-5am.  We are going to be discussing Vampyre culture and a whole variety of different related tops from fangsmithing to what will the world of vampires be like now Twilight is over and True Blood is winding down.

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