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A Journey Through The Darker Side Of Paris With Author Father Sebastiaan

Father Sebastiaan is truly one of a kind. A multifaceted man - who else can claim fangsmith, Vampyre clan leaderevents organiser and author, all in one sentence? - with a wealth of knowledge on all things dark and mysterious, we had the exciting opportunity of picking his brain vis-à-vis Paris and its murky history.



Though often referred to as “The City of Light”, i.e. La Ville Lumière (partly because of its influence during the Age of Enlightenment, and partly because it was one of the first European cities to adopt street lighting) it’s no secret that this city has a dark and seedy history steeped in bloodshed. What with the French Revolution, the siege of the Paris Commune, and of course the many executions at the gallows and by guillotine, it comes as no surprise that Paris has its fair share of creepy stories – and we’re here to explore them.

What’s really interesting is those ghosts that we encounter — those supernatural beings — a lot of people think that they’re external from the human collective consciousness. I think they’re internal.

— Father Sebastiaan, Interview Extract

Father Sebastiaan first moved to Paris back in the mid-2000s, and to his dismay realised that the city had no ghost tours or haunted walks to speak of. Taking matters into his own hands, he began researching the haunted history of Paris, eventually culminating in a book as well as his very own tour (check it out at darkparis.com). 

Mysteries of Paris, available on Amazon.

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Our conversation lead us down various alleys, including talk of the Knights Templar, theFreemasons, the Bathory of Paris, Aleister Crowley, paranormal investigations, and of course the ever-popular Catacombs – we’d sit and listen to Father Sebastiaan’s tales all night if we could. (For a brief overview of the Paris Catacombs, check out one of our previous articles right here.) For those interested in a more detailed exploration Paris’ spooky stories, be sure to check out Father Sebastiaan’s Mysteries of Paris book (soon-to-be Dark Paris) – especially if you’ve got an upcoming Paris trip planned!

Now for the interview:

Grande Guingol, the Original Theatre of the Vampires...

When we think of Vampires in Paris we first think of the Theatre of the Vampires from Anne Rice's novels the Vampire Chronicles.   However there was a theatre behind the scenes, one which you would not realize it but not only inspired the Theatre of the Vampires, but also started the entire horror genre. 

This was Theatre Grand Guingol?


How to Find Father Sebastiaan's NYC FangShop

Greetings all,

So many people have a hard time finding my FangShop in NYC at the Halloween Adventure Shop.... Although located at 104 4th Avenue in the East Village, it is very very secret (unless the FangVan is out front).   Now occasionally we will have the FANGVAN parked outside the shop.

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I will be in NYC September 23rd to October 23rd making fangs at the Halloween Adventure Shop at 104 4th Avenue....   EXCEPT October 11, 12 & 13h for ComicCon New York and October 25, 26, 27 & 28th I will be in New Orleans for the Endless Night Vampire Ball.  

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Les Vertus Vampyres "Red Veils in French"

Vampire Virtues “The Red Veils” fera date comme le premier livre consacré à la définition et à l'avancement de la “culture Vampire”. Il a été écrit pour inspirer et questionner le lecteur à travers un lexique présentant 100 mots de pouvoir en lien avec la mythologie vampirique. Chacune des Vertus encourage l'évolution personnelle et épouse l'Esprit Vampyre, par exemplela Nature Primale, le Romantisme, le Mystère, le Transhumanisme, la Musique, la Culture, le Glamour, l'Élégance, la Courtoisie, l'Idéal Chevaleresque, l'Immortalité, la Magie et la Sensualité. Chaque Vertu est mise en valeur par une œuvre magnifique de l'artiste conceptuel William Vocant, et une présentation envoûtante écrite par l'auteur vampirique Gabrielle Faust. Ce qui fait de ce livre un indispensable, c'est qu'il a été inspiré par plus de deux décennie d'interaction entre Father Sebastiaan et les clients de sa forge de crocs. Ce savoir accumulé est offert au lecteur dans un format simple et facile à comprendre.



FangVan and Fangs October NYC 201


Greetings all,

It is that time again!  Halloween season is upon us and my annual USA tour to NYC and New Orleans begins.  BUT not only will I be making my usual October round to the Halloween Adventure Shop at 104 4th Avenue in NYC, I will be presenting, filming and fanging in the FANGVAN.  This is a new web series about people who love fangs and a road trip to New Orleans for the Endless Night Vampire Ball.

My official schedule is: 

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See you there and I look forward to fanging you or just stop by and say hi.

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Notable Fang Clients of Father Sebastiaan

Every designer, hair stylist, dentist, cosmetic surgeon, dance teacher, car company, etc. who creates for celebrities has a specific vibe.  Some friends the other night were joking around with me about being "The Fangsmith to the Stars."  So this inspired me to put this blog post together.  Not everyone here is an all out celeb, however this list is of notable people I have fanged and a little history behind them.   There are a few pics and vids I am still looking for some pics for including Viona of Viona Art.  I just put this list short list together this morning...

Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures TV - May 2013 - Met him in Paris on the set of a TV project.

Ashley Greene "Alice" from Twilight - 2010 - actually she told me "I signed up for this vampire movie because I wanted fangs, and then in my contract I couldn't wear any." Special thanks to Chad Savage and Alex Savage arranging this.

Fernando from the Band Moonspell - November 2012 - Made Mike the drummer fangs in 2008 at the Halloween Adventure Shop in NYC.  Then in 2012 after returning to Paris from New Orleans they were touring and asked me to fang.

Artist Victoria Frances - October 2011 - She loved my work and came to Paris in October 2011 to get fangs.  She is a lovely and very fun person.

Mark Benecke - September 2012 - Mark is a world renowned forensic psychologist and speaks all over the world.

German Alternative Model Ophelia Overdose - Made her fangs at WGT 2011


Ashley Greene of Twilight


Sonya Scarlet from the band Theatre des Vampires - November 2012 Paris

Ashley Greene of Twilight gets her Fangs

Ashley Greene of Twilight gets her Fangs